Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Area

outdoor kitchen design ideas

OUTDOOR SUMMER KITCHEN DESIGN TIPS Summer is a time for pools, patios, hot dogs & hamburgers and entertaining family or friends. Summer is a time for kids to spend all day in the pool, and lots of in-and-out activity. Having a transitional area around the pool such as an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living spot […]

What is Gunite – Shotcrete?

what is gunite for swimming pools

What is pool gunite? We hear a lot of people ask this question, even people who have pools may understand that gunite is ‘like concrete‘ – but not. In short, gunite is a form of cementous material used to create swimming pools, and is used in large part as the preferred method to installing an […]

Pool & Spa Enclosures

retractable swimming pool enclosure designs (17)

Swimming Pool Enclosure Ideas The modern swimming pool enclosure is no longer limited to just aluminum and screen material. With the use of polycarbonate the design and style of swimming pool enclosures these days are almost limitless.   A particularly popular type are the retractable swimming pool enclosures. As a pool owner, you know that […]

Design Your Own Pool Online

online 3d swimming pool design plans

Get a custom pool design in 10 days or less There is so much that is involved with designing a swimming pool that will compliment everything including the ratio of hard surfaces vs grass or gardening area, walking paths, architectural elements, and water features. The advancements of modern day technology have made our lives easy […]