Construction Ready Pool Plans

Pool design plans ready for construction.

Set of construction plans formatted to use on site during construction, submit to HOA, and distribute to subcontractors. Where city permits may or may not be required you still need to hand out plans to crew members and subcontractors that are easy to read and ready to go. Building in deed restricted and gated communities which usually will have a committee review process for approving property improvements submitted by home owners. In this case you will need a proper set of pool construction plans for your own team and to be accepted by the HOA. This should be everything you would need in a standard project excluding any city permit plan requirements.

Construction ready pool plan set

  • Layout / triangulation
  • Scale plan on property survey
  • Clean project overview to scale
  • Beam & Coping detail (standard unless otherwise noted)
  • Hardscape detail (as needed)*
  • Dimensional detail
  • Typically 4 to 6 sheets per order

* = when required / if applicable



  • Does not include plumbing or electrical diagrams, which you can add to your order here.
  • Does not include mechanical calculations or engineering certification
  • Does not include city permit pool plans.
  • If you need utility routing diagrams contact us for a separate quote here.
  • If you need city permit plans add to your order here.



  • Must have preliminary pool design previously completed by us.
  • Must provide the HOA application criteria, if applicable.
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