Modern Courtyard Pool Design Louisiana

Modern courtyard pool design

Design Details

Pool Type: Gunite
Pool Style: Geometric
Spa: Yes
Spa Height: +12″
Pool Length: 28
Pool Width: 18
Depth Profile: Diving
Min Pool Depth: 3
Max Pool Depth: 8
Perimeter: 100
Surface area: 400
Decking max sqft: 400
How many lights: 4
Sun ledge: Yes
Water features: Bubblers
Brand of equipment: Pentair
Type of sanitation: Chlorine
Include heater: Yes

Waterline tiles: 1×1
Interior surface: Marcite (Standard)
Coping material: Natural Stone (Flagstone)
Decking material: Pavers
Vertical Faces materials: Ledge Stone (Precision Stone)

Pool designers online pool permit plans showing before and after
One of our pool plans in the wild, click to see more.
Streamline Your Design Process

We provide 3D swimming pool design rendering and 2D pool plans that are ready to land the sale and submit for applications or permits.

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