Swimming Pool Permit Application Houston TX

For the City of Houston Swimming Pool Permit Applications

Department of Health and Human Services (Bureau of Consumer Health Service) Minimum Standards for Residential Pool/ Spa Plan Submission.

  1. Submit 2 complete sets of pool plans
  2. Submit a plot survey that includes the address and the fence line, Highlight the entire fence line and all gates for primary pool yard enclosure. Chapter 43, Section 43-33 of the City of Houston Code of Ordinances mandates that all gates must be “self-closing” and “self-latching,” meaning that all gates will automatically close and latch without human or electrical power after it has been opened.
  3. Show pool construction company/contractor on each page of plans.
  4. Provide name and address of pool owner on each page of plans.
  5. Specify the color of the plaster of sides and bottom of pools and spas. Plaster color should be white or other light color.
  6. Specify the filter type(s).
  7. Specify backwash through p-trap to sanitary sewer for all diatomaceous earth (DE) and high-rate sand (HRS) filters.
  8. All skimmers must be shown on plan.
  9. Indicate chlorination or sanitation system.
  10. All main drains must be ANSI/APSP-16 2011 (VGB compliant). This rating must be shown on plans.
  11. Specify pump horsepower and/or flow rates.
  12. Specify the type of backflow prevention device on pool fill line (6-inch or greater air gap, check valve on water to cutoff valve, or siphon breaking valve downstream to cutoff valve).
  13. Show the hose bib(s) in pool area. Specify backflow prevention for hoses in pool area.
  14. Provide fence and gate details (drawings) for all types of fencing to be used (wood, wrought iron, existing chain link etc.).
  15. All Plans must provide pool measurements and total pool gallons for each pool.


  1. No opening or gaps in either direction to be 2006 International Residential Code. greater than 4″.
  2. Gate/Door to be self-dosing & self-latching with latches in upper



More information visit the City of Houston website:


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