Preliminary Pool Design

Residential Version

By using the same tools you do we help your sales team stay on track with the flow of leads & quotes. Getting designs out and on time is a challenge whether you are a single or multi-truck pool builder. Start getting your pool designs out on time with quality and attention to detail. Our main design process starts with a preliminary, this is a prerequisite to all other services we offer.

  • Conceptual preliminary
  • 2D & 3D
  • High quality renders
  • 15+ years pool design experience


  • Must complete the design submission form after order checkout.
  • Must provide property survey that is scanned to scale and ALL dimensions must be legible.
  • Must provide a basic sketch of the design concept.
Preliminary Pool Design Overview Example



* Extensions are not included by default in this package. Pool area only. If your project includes a structure, or outdoor kitchen, etc, then add for design extensions in the next step.

This is the residential version. If you need help with a commercial aquatic design contact us here.

Preliminary Pool Design

Designed to Sell

Provider of 2D & 3D swimming pool plans that are ready to land the sale and submit for applications or permits. We support pool companies through our experience in aquatic design. We help pool companies stay on track with getting designs & bids out the door. Impress your potential customers with rich designs for their dream backyard and get the construction plans you need to get the job done.

  • Attached spa included (optional)
  • Hardscape design
  • Basic landscape (illustration only)
  • Yard accessories & accents
  • Native Save file
  • 3D Images
  • 3D Video
  • 2D Plan Basic Overview
  • Scale = 1/8
  • Design revisions = 1

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