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Swimming Pool Enclosure Ideas

The modern swimming pool enclosure is no longer limited to just aluminum and screen material. With the use of polycarbonate the design and style of swimming pool enclosures these days are almost limitless.


A particularly popular type are the retractable swimming pool enclosures.

As a pool owner, you know that cleaning your pool can be a lot of work and cost money you could be saving. Simple pool covers can offer a limited amount of protection but still allow the pool to get dirty.

Pool enclosures are like creating an indoor space around the pool area. More convenient than any pool cover, and allows you to use the pool all year long, even in the rain. This is worth considering when designing and building your own swimming pool.


  • Extended your swimming season or Swim All Year!
  • Use your patio or swimming pool even in bad weather (simply slide the segment to enclose it)
  • Slide your enclosure off the pool or patio in hot days (let the pool or terrace breathe)
  • Prolonged use plus extra storage, planting or exercising space
  • Reduced cleaning time by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of your enclosure


  • minimize the risk of your children or pets falling into the water
  • system of securing enclosure segments to the tracks protecting against high wind
  • No glass – non breakable polycarbonate panels
  • UV protection reducing harmful rays of the sun


  • Save on heating your pool or patio
  • Retains thermal comfort even on colder days
  • Less water evaporation, less chemical loss

retractable swimming pool enclosure design

Retractable Pool & Spa Enclosures

As the big alternative to the conventional screened-in pool or porch, which still leaves you wet and cold in a rain storm – retractable enclosures are becoming more popular. With the use of polycarbonate these swimming pool enclosures are able to conform to almost any backyard layout, and can be moved out of the way when needed.

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Not just an enclosure, these things have moving parts! When you feel like getting a bit of fresh air, just open up the retractable sections.

Fall, winter, spring, and summer — year-round, there will always be outside elements that fly around in the air and can end up in your pool. When you enclose a pool, you keep it protected from unwanted particles such as dirt, leaves, and dust.

Polycarbonate Patio & Porch Enclosures

As you might imagine – anything you can screen-in you can also replace with longer lasting polycarbonate paneling – and that includes the porch and patio enclosure and sunrooms.

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Retractable patio enclosures have many more advantages over screened competitors. Patio enclosures allow you to use your patio all year round.

The main advantage – retractibility – enables you to completely slide the enclosure open in nice weather.

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There are endless uses of the patio enclosure – you can create a new smoking room, covered outdoor dining area or simply storage space. Enclosures are a great addition to your home or pool if you love relaxing outside. With enclosures you will never have to worry about the inclement weather in spring, summer or fall again!





Swimming Pool Enclosure Construction

A swimming pool or patio enclosure can be installed during construction or added on afterwards. It may be prudent to include the swimming pool enclosure at the same time of construction, but is easy enough to install to an existing pool.

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What is the best retractable pool and patio enclosure?

The best swimming pool enclosure is the one that fits your needs. In a perfect world and unlimited budget we would go for the polycarbonate retractable swimming pool enclosure every time. The benefits of polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures are numerous:

  • Bespoke design solutions and individual approach
  • Up to 15 years of warranty (on selected models)
  • Choice between polycarbonate or glass
  • 7 colors of aluminum frames
  • Safety options thanks to our sophisticated locking system
  • Protection of swimming pools and patios against bad weather
  • Extra features available
  • Savings due to thermal insulation, reduction of costs on water heating
  • Prolonging of the outdoor season and the swimming season

Where to buy retractable swimming pool enclosures

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