Lead Qualification Form for Pool Builders (Excel)

A simple but very effective way for you or a member of your sales team (or office assistant) to run down a list of pre qualification questions and concerns to capture pool buyer information for sales follow up while making sure they are qualified in the process. 

This is made for any swimming pool builder.

Pool Builder Lead Qualify Form Preview


This Excel document includes:

  • Pre Formatted Fields
    Just change or add any information as it relates to your sales process.
  • 1 Page, page per category of construction stages
    • Lead contact info
    • County Appraisal info
    • Referral source
    • Budget & Finance questions
    • Previous pool ownership
    • General style & features
    • Meeting / consultation schedule
    • Follow up tracking
    • Reminders to put lead into sales CRM and marketing


Pool Builder Lead Qualify Form Example 2

You can customize and make changes to this bid sheet at any time.

Why a lead qualify form is beneficial for pool builders:

  • Spend less time with unqualified leads.
  • Less management to sales associates.
  • Helps you remember crucial questions and concerns.
  • Helps you find red flags with potential buyers.
  • Helps keep a record of performance.


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