How it Works

Our process to ordering pool plans online


Step 1

Purchase a preliminary pool design with the needed extensions.

All orders are preceded by a preliminary design. Even if you already have a design or a design file you can share with us we must check over everything for accuracy and scaling. Call us to get more information on why we always start with a preliminary design.


Step 2

Complete the design details submission form after completing the purchase.

The most important part of design creation is having as much detail about the project as possible. Our website is setup to take the information about the pool project and associated media files such as photos, sketches, inspiration, and site plan / survey documents to compile it all together with your preliminary order.

research mockup

Step 3

We will process your order to make sure we have everything and begin your design.

Upon setting up your account we create file structures and information about your company as it relates to the city, county and municipality you do business in. Each design job is tracked separately. Once we have all the information we begin your design as soon as it reaches our current scheduling que. Turnaround is typically less than 10 days. 

Step 4

Your completed design will be uploaded to a secure cloud for you to download.

When your design is complete we create a cloud sharing folder that contains all of your job folders with the files organized within and you are provided a link to open, view and download the files.

From concept to construction

Our pool design process is tailored to help building professionals with design quality. You can outsource all of your pool designs to us or just the ones you prefer. By having extensive experience in the sales pipeline of swimming pools from a former career path we completely understand the sales process for custom swimming pools.

Pool designers online pool permit plans showing before and after
Example of a completed project from design to finish project
Streamline Your Sales Process

We provide you with the 3D pool design concepts which are perfect for making cost estimations and for sales presentations. Additionally we provide you with the 2D pool construction plans needed to get the job done.

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