Outdoor Kitchen Design

For custom outdoor kitchen design plans more than 25 sqft (up to 50 sqft) in total size must be added to preliminary pool design orders.

For custom designed outdoor kitchen more than 25 sqft to a maximum of 50 sqft in total size.
If your project calls for an outdoor kitchen larger than 25 sqft (Length x Width) you need to add this to your preliminary order.

Outdoor Kitchen design plan features

  • Listed price when included with preliminary pool design orders. (Standalone outdoor kitchen designs please contact us for a quote)
  • This covers the design of outdoor kitchens larger than 25 sqft and smaller than 50 sqft.
  • Designed in same style & format as pool and/or surrounding architecture.
  • Grills, fridge, sink, & other utilities, etc
  • Raised backsplash & serving bars*
  • Measurements – SQFT, SA, H-L-W, Callouts & Labels

* = when required / if applicable


  • Does not include mechanical calculations or engineering certification
  • If you need diagrams or additional details not listed above contact us for a separate quote here.



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